Neothys is an island kingdom located in the middle of the ocean between the four continents. Neothys is densely populated and most of the land is claimed by towns or cities, with the exception of the Julessin Forest.

Neothys became an economic powerhouse due to its prime trade location. Whenever something is moved across continents, chances are it had a stop in Neothys. This has also made Neothys a veritable witches brew of races, both native to this world and alien. They live in an uncomfortable harmony for the most part, putting their preconceptions to the back of their mind for the sake of business.

The metropolis of Crotania is one of the largest cities in this realm, and is known world wide for its enormous Market District and the infamous Sporting District.

Neothys is ruled by King Bursan Kuldrom, whose lineage has held the throne for three hundred years. He is a relatively new king, only having ruled for three years. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that there are doubters amongst the ruling class and even amongst the commoners.


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