Kal’thanos is a kingdom on the western side of the continent of Mathonis. Landwise, it covers almost all of the entire western side, except for a small amount of land where the kingdom of Altasia rests.

Kal’thanos is ruled by King Belthos Rakthan, a stern man known for his superb tactical military ability and his mesmerizing leadership. Next on the political ladder are his Archdukes, men placed in control of specific cities of tactical importance and chosen for their specific talents.

Kal’thanos’s main economy is in trading precious metals mined from the Mekthus mountains and from farming the great fields of northern Kal’thanos.

The majority of Kal’thanos’s population is made up of tieflings, although in the major cities, all races are found. The tieflings have always had a strong presence on Mathonis. Legends tell of a great king who made a sacrifice a great many years ago. This king saw his nation falling into despair, wrought with a very aggressive disease that was affected the entire population. After all mortal magic and science had failed to find a cure, he turned to a more “instantaneous” resolution. All his people were given immunity to this dread sickness, and also found themselves permanently changed, and were furthermore know as tieflings.

Kal’thanos is currently at war with Na’ar, the nation of dragonborne to the north. This war has waged for centuries, with the current participants having no personal feelings in the matter, it has merely continued because no one has won it yet. King Belthos would like to resolve this whole mess, but it has yet to be seen if the nation of Na’ar will be as eager.


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