Great Opening

The Great Opening is the name given to an event that occured over the port city of Arkmenos. No one knows quite what happened. The army of Na’ar started a great attack on the city, bringing three dreadnought ships, two troop carriers, an estimated fifteen-hundred troops, and two dragons. At the time of the attack, many of the most powerful nobles of the tiefling empire were in Arkmenos, including the king. This was thought to be know only in the highest circles of [[Kal-thanos]]’s nobility, thus an investigation has been brought forth against any nobles who were not in the city this day to look for traitors.

In the middle of the siege, a great ray of fire rose to the heavens from Castle Arkmenos. A massive portal of flame and smoke opened in the sky, and hundreds of devils began to pour out like blood from a wound. The battle was over. The devil legions struck down dragonborne and tiefling alike, showing no allegiance but to the god of death.

Arkmenos is now abandoned save for hundreds of devils. Many thought the world would end this day, but for some unknown reason, the demons cannot leave the city walls.

Thousands died that day, and only Archduke Karnos and King Belthos Rakthan escaped Castle Arkmenos with their lives.

Great Opening

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